"Accomplishing Your Assignment" Live in Atlanta Ga

Experience the 2016 Women Empowered To Excel 2.0 "Accomplishing Your Assignment" LIVE in person, with event host, Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks and share with women from all around the world on Saturday, February 20, 2016 starting at 11:00am EST.  Saturday is packed full with 2 powerful empowerment sessions, a special luncheon and a evening social media cupcake red carpet reception.  For those who missed 2015 WETE 1.0 "Knowing Your Assignment" there is a special flash back Friday recap video playback class that will bless your life as an option for many that will make it 'A Girls Weekend' with friends in Atlanta Ga. 

The event location is the New Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel. Come ready to EXCEL IN LIFE, in your goals, job, business, ministry, etc. Very limited seating!  This event will
NOT be streamed online.  CLICK HERE to watch WETE 2.0 welcome video.  CLICK HERE to reserve your seat today.  CLICK HERE or on any picture below for more information.  Share this event on social media with family and friends.
  • First Session  11am

    3 Keys To accomplishing Your Assignment & More!

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  • special Luncheon

    Open To All Women

    "Nuggets Of Wisdom"

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  • Second Session

    Seeing Your Vision And Destiny Come to Pass!

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  • Personal Moment

    Evening Social Media Cup Cake Reception w/PCGW

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  • Event Location

    New Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel

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  • Flash Back Friday

    WETE 1.0 - "Know Your Assignment" 2015 recap Video Playback sessions

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Prophetess Bring "A Night Of Miracles Encounter" Tour To My City In 2016

The first part of PCGW Ministries 'Encounter 88' vision for 2016 is "A Night Of Miracles Encounter" Tour.  For the past two years via social media and email PCGW Ministries has received thousands of request to come to their city.  If you would like PCGW Ministries to prayerfully consider bringing "A Night Of Miracles" Tour to your city click the link below.

The second part of 'Encounter 88' vision in 2016 is to reach and impact 8 million lives online with the gospel of Jesus Christ through 8 online ministry tools like websites, app, streaming, and social media.  The 'Encounter 88' vision is being made possible by a growing number of faithful partners and special ministry supporters who feel assigned by God to sow into the good ground of this soul winning vision.  Thank you to all around the world for your heartfelt prayers and support.

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Experience "The Atmosphere Of Miracles" mantled on the life of Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks who is a profound International Conference Speaker winning souls and changing lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

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