Ministering God's Word For the Praise of His Glory!

Having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.  Ephesians 1:11,12

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Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks (PCGW) lives to touch, strengthen and empower lives though the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with miracle, signs and wonders following and all seeing souls saved from sin into a rewarded righteous relationship with God. As a third generation Minister, Evangelist, Pastor and Prophet with over 21 years of preaching the word of God she passionately commits to hosting a monthly Monday Night Of Miracles LIVE conference call that touches over 2200 people worldwide every first Monday.  Also, monthly she host a LIVE online Women's Empower Me Session every third Sunday.

PCGW also is the host of two LIVE in person events - "Women Empowered To Excel" and "Prophetic Encounter To Remember" where people come from around the world to experience the Prophetic mantle on her life "The Atmosphere Of Miracles."  To see over 200 videos miracle testimonies of lives that have experience the prophetic accuracy of how God uses PCGW visit   Download the PCGW App [right here] for all things PCGW and more.

                         Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks

Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks is an imminent voice in the kingdom of God.  It is evident that God is using her to build His Kingdom in this millennium. Lives are being empowered by the cutting edge approach to the Word of God she presents to the believers.  She annually hosts her "Prophetic Encounter To Remember" event, which brings in people from all over the world to a powerful experience of the prophetic that is unlike any other. Her Prophetic Encounter events have been tremendously successful.  While preaching at services, God prophetically speaks to her in an incredibly accurate way by calling out names, dates, and events that pertain too many of the lives of the attendees.  God has especially anointed her to operate in the gifts of healing, prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, and preaching.

She is famously known for saying “It’s already done”, in the many conferences, revivals and crusades that she ministers at or sponsors (both nationally and internationally), which has been proven accurate by the testimonies that are received back. Many of those testimonies include souls being saved, bodies being healed, and debts being cancelled.

She is  the  author of the book entitled  "It's Already Done".   Since her first book was released,  it has been in major demand as readers are seeking to go higher in their walk of  faith.  Her second book is entitled " How To Keep The Curse Off Your Life".

She has been on national TV, in several major national magazines and publications.  Prophetess Glenn Weeks has a proud history of Pastors and ministers in her family.  She is a third generation female evangelist.  She is the daughter of Bishop Charles and Evangelist Janet Glenn Sr. Her husband, best friend, and greatest supporter is the honorable Bishop Thomas Weeks III.  Together they pastor in Alpharetta, Georgia .

Prophetess Glenn Weeks is fulfilling the clarion call of God on her life to be a fresh and anointed voice for the Kingdom.

Check out Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks and  Bishop Thomas Week's YCBAN show at  Please feel free to visit her husband's website Bishop Thomas Weeks III at

#Team weeks

On October 17, 2015 Bishop and Prophetess celebrated 6 years married and 6 1/2 of doing ministry together as #TeamWeeks.  As both of them being third generational pastors and ministers in the Lord's church they are daily covenantally committed to winning souls and touching lives through the teaching, preaching and empowerment from the word of God.

Bishop and Prophetess shared very touching 6 year wedding anniversary tributes to each other that has been celebrated by thousands around the world for their passion on keeping and building yearly a better marriage that keeps God as the focus of their bond of Love.  CLICK HERE to read wedding tributes.