Tribute From BTWIII To PCGW

8 Year’s Of Marriage

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 I awoke full of joy from 2,920 days, 416 weeks, 96 months and 8 years married to a gift from God, my wife and best friend Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks. Time 70,080 hours, 4,204,800 minutes and 252,288,000 seconds has gone by so fast, but I look forward to the next 48 years together.

Just yesterday, I told you how I just learned something new about you that caused me to continue to smile, as you are so unique, I keep making a list of all the priceless layers of awesomeness that make you so much fun, to live with! Our purpose driven marriage that we both know why God put us together was so clear to us at the beginning, but some thought our marriage wouldn’t make it 8 days, weeks or months never mind 8 years - But God!

God has anointed you for such a time as this and all the miracles and praise reports that keep happening day after day further confirms what my father said to us after you ministered 3 days in Wilmington, DE “I have not been in services like this since Kathryn Kuhlman!” One 60 second video message clip that was released from those 3 days in just a few months has gone viral being viewed over 4.2 million times with no sign of slowing down. God has put a word in your spirit, prophetic authority in your mouth and an anointing that releases “The Atmosphere Of Miracles” which continues to bless the people of God all over the world. It takes a lot for me to cry, but time after time in services seeing a person healed from being blind in one eye and now seeing, is just one of over 70 types of miracles I have witnessed over 8 years. I said all the above because it is an honor to serve God’s people with you for his glory!

Of course being married to you I have gained a great set of wonderful parents and an awesome brother whom makes me feel I have known them all my life. I continue to thank your parents, for how they have been such an example of a godly marriage to you and your brother has made life so easy for me. As a wife you just know how to be my total HELPmate, when I need it. The words best friend is an understatement to the bond God has given us, as we see him fight our battles every time, as we continue to walk in total victory.  I could write for days what you mean to me, but in short I have never loved anyone like how I LOVE YOU because God made sure you are EVERYTHING I need daily for my life.

Thanks for the best 8 years of my life. I have a special gift for you tonight and I can’t wait to spend this day with you.

Love Always,


Your Best Friend Forever And Loving Husband

Tribute from pcgw to btwiii

Eight years ago today, a New Beginning started for my husband and I as we embarked on two people becoming one.  There has been so much joy and happiness in being married to my best friend, love of my life and the best ministry partner anyone could ask for. 

Our wonderful journey together as Team Weeks gets stronger and so much better each and every day.  Loving you is the greatest joy I have each day, when I wake up to you.  

You have been an amazing addition to our family, as my parents see you as a bonus son and my brother sees you as     the brother he never had.  

You, my King are one of my daily heartbeats! God has given me a valuable treasured gift in the earth in the person of the honorable and phenomenal Bishop Thomas Weeks III.  Happy Anniversary to my King, My Love, My Heart, My Covering, Team Partner In Ministry, My Best Friend, and My Everything and more.  Happy Anniversary and Happy New Beginnings!  

Love Your Best Friend and Partner In Love