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Every Monday Night starting at 8:00 PM EST. from Atlanta Georgia, in the United States Of America, Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks shares a live ministry experience through a Live Call And Online.  For about one hour thousands from around the world listen by way of phone or online radio access to a word from God that "Wins Souls For Jesus Christ, Empowers Lives and Enriches The Believers Faith!" Many people who live outside the USA stay up into the early hours of  Tuesday Morning to experience the awesome move of God !   Click here or on the first image above to send your prayer request. Click here or on the second image above to find what time it starts in your city and countries time zone. or Click here or on the third image above to listen online anywhere in the world via phone, tablet, computer, etc. Click here to find if your country has a direct dial phone number.


Praise Reports - USA & International Donation

We thank God for every time he shows his miracle working power and we invite you to share your praise report by clicking here or on the first image above to email the ministry your praise report.   Click here or on the middle image above to donate if you live in the USA. If you are in an International country outside the USA click here or on the last image above to donate. Your donation helps us to do all the of our online events and in person  events to "Win Souls For Jesus Christ, Empower Lives and Enrich The Believers Faith!  Thank you for your support and God Bless You!